Best Prezi Presentations of 2014

Starting a new year, Prezi released the list of best presentations during 2014.


Prezi unveiled the winners of the First Annual Prezi Awards 2014 introducing the best Prezi presentations (prezis) of the year. There were lot of nominated Prezis throughout different contest categories including: business Prezi presentations, educational Prezis or even Prezis with outstanding designs and animations.

To get the winners, Prezi used lot of data including user’s votes for favorites Prezis.

As they said, picking just one winner in each category was a difficult job because there were lot of terrific Prezis from which to choose.  The global Prezi community did a great work preparing lot of presentations during the year and it is a good starting point for the Prezi Movement in 2015.

The Overall Prezi Winner

Agrimore Prezi was nominated as the best overall Prezi design.


It combines a nice canvas view containing an Earth illustration and Prezi transitions focusing on each content of interest (specific cities, a global view, etc.).

AgriMore is a new way of thinking connecting producers directly to their buyers and skipping the middleman. The author of this Prezi had a difficult job: sharpen the company story and their visual identity.

This Prezi has stunning graphics and a great overview but also a helpful voiceover. The authors did a great job using the voiceover feature in Prezi to add voice to the presentations.

Here you can see a live preview of this Prezi presentation.

Business Prezis

There were winners in other categories like Business Prezis. The Winner was Measurabl Investor Pitch by Evan Rosner of Prezi Jedi.

This Prezi pitch presentation knocks it out of the park with a clear structure that outlines all of the main topics and guides viewers through the presentation. It uses a proper and effective Prezi structure to present data.

Check out the best Prezi templates here:

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